COVID-19 Resources

Below you will find a list of documents and websites with information pertaining to various issues surrounding COVID-19.

  1. COVID-19 – Required Minimum Distribution Rollover Deadline
  2. COVID-19 – Special rules for Distributions and Loans from IRAs and retirement plans
  3. COVID-19 – Minnesota Mask Requirements
  4. COVID-19 – MN EO 20-63 – Reopening Requirements
  5. COVID-19 – IRS Outreach Connection 2020-3 – IRS COVID – 19 Resources
  6. COVID-19 – Requests for forgiveness of PPP Loans
  7. COVID-19 – MN Revised Restrictions on Social Interaction; Protection of Employees and At-Risk Populations; Reopening Requirements
  8. COVID-19 – EEOC Q&A
  9. COVID-19 – Deferral of Payroll Tax Deposits
  10. COVID-19 – Federal-Loan-Assistance-Programs
  11. COVID-19 – Retirement plans and HDP
  12. COVID-19 – Silver lining – Estate Planning for High Net Worth Individuals
  13. COVID-19 – MN Estimated Tax Payments
  14. COVID-19 – IRS Informational Webpage – payments and benefits available to individuals, businesses, and non-profits
  15. COVID-19 – 2019 Payment Extension
  16. COVID-19 – 2019 Payment Extension -filing delay update
  17. COVID-19 – Tina Smith Summary of Legislation.
  18. COVID-19 – Reminder FFCRA
  19. COVID-19 SBA application form for PPP loans now available.
  20. COVID-19 SBA Loan Notice
  21. COVID 19 Payroll Tax Deposit Deferral
  22. COVID-19 EEOC Technical Questions and Answers regarding COVID-19
  23. COVID-19 Summary of FFCRA

Small Business Resources

Below you will find a list of websites that can and should be utilized when starting or changing your business. Whether you are just establishing your business, re-organizing your business, hiring on employees or passing the business on, these resources will be a good starting point for you to gather information and come up with a list of questions prior to our meeting.

  1. COBRA
  2. SEC
  3. Health Care Law
  4. Federal Trade Commission
  5. Department of Labor
  6. Department of Labor – employment laws
  7. Employee Benefits Security Administration
  8. US Citizenship and Immigration Services
  9. Minnesota Department of Commerce
  10. Small Business Administration
  12. Guide to Starting a Business in Minnesota
  13. US Securities and Exchange Commission


Estate Planning  Resources

Below are resources that may assist you in understanding the estate planning process including wills, trusts, estate and gift taxes, powers of attorney, and health care directives.  Please contact us for a free copy of any of the documents.

KLF – 2020 Summary of Estate Planning (Explanation of probate, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care directives and death (estate and inheritance) taxes)

KLF – Chart of Types of Wills (A chart summarizing the types of wills available)

KLF – 11 Steps in the Estate Planning Process (Explains the steps in the estate planning process)

KLF – Questions to Consider When Reviewing Your Estate Plan (Questions to help you decide what types of estate planning documents you want and what terms they should contain)

KLF – Supplement Estate Planning Questions  (Additional questions to consider in deciding what types of estate planning documents you want and what terms they should contain)

KLF – Flow Chart for ABC Trusts with GST and Non-GST Marital Trusts (A visual chart of how certain wills and trusts interact)

KLF – Personal Information Questionnaire and Inventory Worksheet (A comprehensive questionnaire and inventory used to make recommendations regarding the types of wills, trusts, etc you should consider executing)

KLF – Time to Take Stock Questionnaire (A questionnaire to help you review your current and anticipated situation to determine if you need to change your wills, trusts, estate, and gift taxes, powers of attorney and health care declarations)