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  • Workers Compensation


    Employers in Minnesota are required to carry workers compensation insurance to cover injured employees.  Workers compensation benefits can be a significant expense.  Correctly classifying employees can save you unnecessary expense.  Some companies  will conduct audits to determine if your employees are correctly classified and reported.   Companies like TurningPoint LLC conduct audits on a success […]

  • Marketing your business


    Marketing your business and products is always a challenge.  You may want to see the SBA’s webinar on direct mail on December 4th. http://ems.intellor.com/index.cgi?p=205229&t=71&do=register&s=&rID=435&edID=293

  • Koch Law Firm’s New Website


    Welcome to the new Koch Law Firm Website I am a knowledgeable business attorney with 30+ years of experience advising small, medium, and large businesses on structure, operations, and transition (whether sale or succession) with an emphasis on assisting clients in maximizing and retaining their wealth over multiple generations. I welcome the opportunity to help you […]